Work from Home Successfully

  • Author - A W Ross
  • 24 January 2022

Working from home sounds much easier than it is. Some who've never done it have an image of being sprawled on the sofa, feet up, coffee and snacks nearby, music playing and making the normal eight hour day a production giant equalling 48 hours. Those who don't believe in it often scoff at home-workers, accusing them of binge Netflixing, "working" on the golf course, being down the pub and generally disbelieving that they are doing any work at all.

For employees and employers alike, there are specific challenges when working from home. Whether you're new to it or not, there are ways to do things which will make for a more enjoyable, productive and rewarding experience. I've been working from home for over 18 years, in many different situations and to many different standards. I've surveyed many people from different backgrounds and industries and written this book using the best that we all have to offer.

Written in an easy to read and accessible way, light-hearted and jovial in places, this guide is filled with tips, strategies and resources from the act of working from home itself, saving money as you do, all the way through to looking after your mental and physical health.

Inspired by the challenges of working from home before, during and in the now post-lock-down COVID world.

Comment from Helen Forbes - Lawyer and Author:

"This book has everything you'll ever need to work efficiently and comfortably from home, while maintaining your physical and mental health, and staying connected to the outside world. It is a tour de force, full of invaluable information. A must-read!"