Highland Home Cook The Cookbook

  • Author - Debbie Ross
  • 20 July 2019

Highland Home Cook - The Cookbook was born as a result of constantly being asked for the recipes to some of the amazing food we've cooked and delivered over the years. An eclectic mix of recipes, including breakfasts, brunches, breads, snacks, mains, puddings and baking. A friendly voice in your kitchen, sharing tasty, straightforward recipes which will give consistent and delicious results. Full of helpful tips and friendly banter, this is a cookbook that will age with the patina of messy fingers and well used pages; a book you will return to again and again.

Comment from Sue Lawrence - Cook and Author:

"This is a book that will inspire and tantalise, with its exciting recipes and enticing photos. The instructions and methods to each recipe are clear and precise - and tips abound. A must-buy for the home cook."